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Modules: What to do next
Last updated at 2:38 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
I'm reviving Dan I's old "next steps" list as the basis for a to-do list after the modules went into the update stream. (hg 2002-02-06)

Feel free to contribute to this page. Note that nothing will get done unless somebody actually does it. You can't place "orders" here and expect them to be magically completed. hg

Allow the use of repositories to distribute and share modules over the net

Released. hg 2002-02-14

Better UI support

This is needed to make simple hacking simple. We need to have/create a default module where things get collected. Note that this really needs to collect changes into DeltaModules (discontinued).

Use the system to outload a couple of big packages

such as
... and confirm that everything works if you bring them in again.
This would be a big step toward effective shrinking.
This works for VMConstruction and Baloon3D/Alice/Wonderlands. See Unloading modules.
Getting the Network apps (and any other part of the image) to unload is "simply" (not so!) to refactor them to untangle bad dependencies, that's what I did for VMC and B3D. hg

Use the system to inload a couple of big packages

such as

See Class Extensions and related pages, plus Modules (Storing and installing modules) for more info.

Steps to compact files and fast loading with image segments.

Arrive at a preliminary design for projects as components

In other words,
Here is a simple benchmark:
My KidsRefrigeratorMagnets which requires Ned's RMs, which requires Ned's Connectors. Delivered in a world and ready to play. di

As far as modules go, I have already done this part, as demoed at OOPSLA / Splash. hg

Here is a complicated one:
Drive a Car in a world and ready to play, and...
Will automatically bring in all of EToys if not there.

Not really harder in the modules part–the hard part is getting the eToy classes to unload in a meaningful way.

So the part that remains is hooking this up to projects. hg