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Last updated at 3:28 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Email: mailto:fass-AT-pitnet.net

Webpage: This is it.

Jeremiah (Jerry) Rusk Fass. I've long admired the amazing work done at Xerox PARC in the 1970s. This is my chance, in a tiny way, to be part of it. I don't program yet but am learning more about it. I've done bits of Structured Fortran 77, BASIC, and have much computer experience, mostly DOS, some MS Windows 3.1-3.11-95 and Macintosh, tiny bits of MS Win NT, Unix-Linux, Amiga, Apple II.

I badly want a smaller, understandable computing environment, thus my interest in Smalltalk-Squeak.

I have done some technology reporting, for a newspaper, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: http://www.onwis.com

Blame me for much (not all) of the Squeak Wiki copyediting, mainly the zero information loss type, and creating many Cunningham Squeak Wiki pages and much or most of their content so far: MouseNaming, Morphic, PortWishList, WikiMoreThanWebsite, slogans on classy, SqueakSmalltalkHumor, (or rather JeremiahFass?) and most pages thereon, Literate Squeaking, PromoteSqueak, BadSqueakSlogans, WikiThemeSongs, En Espaņol, enEspaņol.

I edit for pay too, if you are in the market for such. Editing philosophy: Pragmatic; I don't mind bending grammar rules a bit in the cause of brevity, clarity, and common usage.

Blame Ted Kaehler for being friendly to me and helping lure me into this.

Thank you for this opportunity to help out; I hope that is what you consider it. I would love to hear from anyone about anything I have done so far, by email or below on this page.

Many thanks to the volunteer who copyedited wiki pages for eight hours on 24 November 1997. At first I thought it was some sort of attack. Checks with the backups showed the changes to be thoughtful contributions. –WardCunningham