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Read Dan Ingall's announcement for version 3.1
Last updated at 2:45 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 03:21:54 -0800
To: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
From: Dan Ingalls
Subject: [updates] 17 new ones for 3.1
Resent-From: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
Reply-To: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
X-Mailing-List: archive/latest/28613
X-Loop: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
Resent-Sender: squeak-request@cs.uiuc.edu

Folks -

We have just put out the first round of 17 fixes. They are in the update stream for 3.1alpha, but they will all also be issued for 3.0 after we figure exactly how we want to do the numbering. If you have advanced to 3.1, simply fetch updates.

Note that it may be necessary to execute...
Socket deadServer: 'www.webpage.com'.
... to see the new updates.

Also note that update #3516 will replace references to the old "WebPage" server by our new "Kitchen" server in your image. This is good.

Thanks for all the great testing.

- Dan

3501fixMoreWindows-raa – Bob Arning – 4 February 2001
fix messed up windows:

3502flexibleScope-raa – Bob Arning – 5 February 2001
Change to recent variable scope tightening to allow out-of-scope references in code pane evaluations (i.e. in the debugger)"

3503finalCR-raa – Bob Arning – 5 February 2001
A not-too pretty fix for those cases when trying to selecting all the text in a pane appears not to select the last line. I have placed a fuller description in the class comment in NewParagraph"

3504undoClearing-kfrRAA – Karl Ramberg – 5 February 2001
Turning off infinite undo gave a walk back.
Here is a fix that seems to do the trick."

3505restoreSuperSwiki-raa – Bob Arning – 5 February 2001
restores Bobs SuperSwiki to the server list"
addServer: SuperSwikiServer testOnlySuperSwiki
named: 'Bobs SuperSwiki'.


3507ACGV3Stuff1 – Andrew C. Greenberg – 4 February 2001
1) Fixes layout bug in SpectrumAnalyzerMorph.
2) Command-m shortcut in World brings up the 'Add a new morph' menu

3508SoundFixes-ar – Andreas Raab – 4 February 2001
Two fixes for the sound player. The first one makes sure we have a sound when starting the sound player which a) makes sure we don't have a pause before starting to play (important when using large buffers) and b) makes sure we're not immediately shutting down the player if the preference is set. The second fix applies to sound quick starts which now recovers gracefully if the preference is set but the VM does not support quick starts."

3509BMPFixes-ar – Andreas Raab – 5 February 2001
Fixes issues when reading 16bit BMP files."

3510FixSyntaxErrors-jla – Jerry Archibald – 4 February 2001
While clearing the underbrush to create a shrunken version of Squeak 3.0, I stumbled across a syntax error that occurred when running #abandonSources (which parses all methods as part of supplying an temporary variable dictionary). I finally decided to run #abandonSources against the entire image (I wonder if that's ever been done before) to see if there where any more syntax errors. This ferreted out one more.
These are in change sets that were released just a few days ago, so it wasn't likely that anyone would have bumped into them. Apparently improvements in the compiler parsing algorithms followed them in the update stream, as they otherwise would have been caught earlier.
These updates are just my best guess at what the correct code should be; particularly in the case of EToyVocabulary>>initialize I had to intuit freely to come up with I thought was correct. Original authors should check these for proper semantics.
sw Scott Wallace 1/26/2001 23:03
tk Ted Kaehler 1/8/2001 17:48"

3511FocusFix-ar – Andreas Raab – 3 February 2001
Fixes a problem with focus handling in text morphs."

3512ScreenDepth-ar – Andreas Raab – 5 February 2001
Adds a primitive for obtaining the OS screen depth. Requires the implementation of ioScreenDepth() in the C support code."

3513CodeGenFix-ar – Andreas Raab – 5 February 2001
A fix for translating #primitiveFail() correctly."

3514DropComment-ar – Andreas Raab – 5 February 2001
Adds a class comment to the DropPlugin explaining what needs to be done for DnD support."

3515ReleaseDetails – Dan Ingalls – 5 February 2001
Provides a facility for condenseSources to install a new name for the source code file.
Includes the code for MakeExternalRelease.
Removes the classes ColumnsTester and Flipper.
Removes the obsolete preference: #allowMVCprojects.
Enables the preference #mvcProjectsAllowed.