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Persistent Distributed Objects
Last updated at 8:03 pm UTC on 31 October 2006
by Anthony Hannan
(and defaced by Michael van der Gulik)

Research Areas

Related Work

Web Operating Systems

These systems are the closest to what I am striving for.

WOS an Internet Computing Environment (00)
Globe- A Wide-Area Distributed System (99)
Globe- website
See Philip Homburg's fantastic thesis - it has a lot of material about proper distributed objects.
Design of the Kan Distributed Object System (99)
WebOS Operating System Services for Wide Area Applications (97)
2K A Distributed Operating System for Dynamic Heterogeneous Environments (00)
A System Architecture for Pervasive Computing (00)

Distributed Object Database Systems

Most of these don't support general queries or server execution. Objects are only fetched by pointer traversal and all methods are executed on the client.

Gemstone has the opposite problem. Methods of persistent objects are only executed on the server, which wastes client resources and scales badly to large number of clients.

Software Component Models

These use manual static distribution of components and ad hoc support for "operating system" services such as persistence, security, etc.

More stuff

rST - Remote Smalltalk (middleware; on Squeak)
Distributed Smalltalk
GARF Project (in Smalltalk)
ACTalk - Active Objects (In SqueakMap!! :-) )
Nebraska (distributed Morphs)

REST / Web Services / SOAP / XML
Enterprise Java Beans / J2EE / RMI