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Morphic Examples and Applications
Last updated at 2:30 pm UTC on 16 April 2021
This page is incomplete There are quite a few examples already in the release image.

However as of 2018 a two new applications are

For more see http://squeak.org/projects/

Objectland examples (Squeak 6 trunk)

self systemNavigation browseMessageList: [(PackageInfo named:
'MorphicExtras') extensionMethods select: [:m | m category
includesSubstring: 'example']] name: 'Objectland examples' 

The contents below needs to be checked and updated.
Some of Mark Guzdial's students drawing editors: http://pbl.cc.gatech.edu/cs2390/8

Prefab is a new Morphic UI widget kit by Chris Reuter, which lets you layout widgets on the screen and then generate Smalltalk source code from this layout. It includes various standard (data-entry) widgets, and is roughly based on Tk. See http://www.sentex.ca/~chrisreuter/prefab.html

Space War