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How to lay out submorphs
Last updated at 5:14 pm UTC on 23 February 2017
Please read the excellent dynamic essay project MorphLayoutArticle on Bob's SuperSwiki. broken links
Every Morph now has the capability to layout it's submorphs. (Previously, only the AlignmentMorph could implement layout policies. Now AlignmentMorph is now deprecated, i.e., still in place and functioning, but not recommended for use in new code.)

Each Morph can have now its own LayoutPolicy: either a ProportionalLayout or a TableLayout (as of 2009 and later). The new TableLayout corresponds to what AlignmentMorph used to do. There is also a How to lay out submorphs - example 4. You should also be able to make your own subclasses of LayoutPolicy.

You can find other layout methods under Morph->layout-properties. Also, play with a Morphs Layout Properties using the red halo menu. Here is some code to lay out some morphs in the new system.

More examples are needed – add yours here!