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Extended Colors
Last updated at 11:41 pm UTC on 11 December 2001
Provides support for 649 named colors in Squeak. Useful when you need more colors that the 32 named colors provided by the base image, especially for pretty printing with color!


  1. Make a backup of your .changes and .image files!
  2. File in this change set (30K)
  3. Once you're satisfied and confident that this stuff didn't break anything, my job's done! :-)

To get a list of all available colors, inspect :
Color getNamesOfExtendedColors

You could even try this code in a workspace:
BorderedMorph new color: Color pink;openInWorld.
BorderedMorph new color: Color chocolate;openInWorld.

Have fun and send me your comments/suggestions/complaints!

Benoit St-Jean