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Squeak icons
Last updated at 3:35 pm UTC on 2 March 2007
here are some Squeak images intended for use as icons, launchers, and such like.

From John M.McIntosh (these are intended for Mac)

Uploaded Image: sqchThumb_o.jpgUploaded Image: sqimThumb_o.jpgUploaded Image: oxthumbnail_o.jpgUploaded Image: sqThumb_o.jpg
for the change setfor the imagefor the SOBJ filefor the VM

These are available in .icns format in a Stuffit archive here.

I don't know how to vote, but I like all but the Document icon. Perhaps removing or fading the text would help. I'd do it, but I am not particulary good with such things...

Icons by Bert Freudenberg used in the Unix VM when running on the MacOSX desktop:

Uploaded Image: SqueakMacUnix-bf.png

Available in .icns format as a tar archive.

Note:There are similar icons for the regular Mac VM.

A colorful logo by Bert Freudenberg playing on the red-yellow-blue convention. Contact him if you need a larger size, or another background color:

Uploaded Image: Squeaky160-bf.png

Tansel Ersavas (Squeak News editor) uses this one:

Uploaded Image: tansel_squeak.gif

I use this one:

Uploaded Image: squeakland.gif

pinched from the original at Squeakland.

This one is nice, too

External Image
External Image

Feel free to add your own!

External Image
External Image

I made this icon a long time ago when squeak started to work
as a webbrowser plugin. Alex

Uploaded Image: squeak_plugin.jpg

External Image

External Image

External Image
(Cover of Thoru Yamamoto's Book)

External Image

External Image
External Image

Uploaded Image: XP squeak folder.jpgXP squeak folder.icoSmallLand

fromhttp://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_landExternal Imagehttp://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_land/uploads/1/ratonete_transparente.gif

Some icons for apache

Uploaded Image: squeak.png Uploaded Image: mcz.png

An svg version

A favicon