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Squeak Icons - Branding
Last updated at 1:02 am UTC on 27 February 2018
Here are some Squeak images intended for use for branding icons, launchers, and such like (outside of the IDE).
For info about icons in the IDE look at Squeak Icons - IDE Specific
(watch out for broken links :-(

From John M.McIntosh (these are intended for Mac)

Uploaded Image: sqchThumb_o.jpgUploaded Image: sqimThumb_o.jpgUploaded Image: oxthumbnail_o.jpgUploaded Image: sqThumb_o.jpg
for the change setfor the imagefor the SOBJ filefor the VM

These are available in .icns format in a Stuffit archive here.

I don't know how to vote, but I like all but the Document icon. Perhaps removing or fading the text would help. I'd do it, but I am not particulary good with such things...

Icons by Bert Freudenberg used in the Unix VM when running on the MacOSX desktop:

Uploaded Image: SqueakMacUnix-bf.png

Available in .icns format as a tar archive.

Note:There are similar icons for the regular Mac VM.

A colorful logo by Bert Freudenberg playing on the red-yellow-blue convention. Contact him if you need a larger size, or another background color:

Uploaded Image: Squeaky160-bf.png

Tansel Ersavas (Squeak News editor) uses this one:

Uploaded Image: tansel_squeak.gif

I use this one:

Uploaded Image: squeakland.gif

pinched from the original at Squeakland.

This one is nice, too

External Image
External Image

Feel free to add your own!

External Image
External Image

I made this icon a long time ago when squeak started to work
as a webbrowser plugin. Alex

Uploaded Image: squeak_plugin.jpg

External Image

External Image

External Image
(Cover of Thoru Yamamoto's Book)

External Image

External Image
External Image

Uploaded Image: XP squeak folder.jpgXP squeak folder.icoSmallLand

fromhttp://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_landExternal Imagehttp://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_land/uploads/1/ratonete_transparente.gif

Some icons for apache

Uploaded Image: squeak.png Uploaded Image: mcz.png

An svg version

A favicon