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Smalltalk majorShrink
Last updated at 10:18 pm UTC on 11 February 2016
Shrinking the image (February 2016)

February 2008

The method majorShrink sent to the Smalltalk object discards certain parts in the image to get a smaller image.

April 2007: The following notes are mostly obsolete.

Some preconfigured smaller images including the scripts can be obtained from http://www.comtalk.eu/Squeak/98

The method majorShrink as such does not function properly in a 3.4gamma image. However the code in the method contains still value functioning parts which can be used to build your own shrinking method. (The Smalltalk global variable is an instance of SystemDictionary, so the method you want to look at is SystemDictionary>>majorShrink.)

Here you find some notes how to produces an MVC only image on the base of a 3.4gamma image.

You find a list of removal scripts here. And SystemDictionary discardXYZ methods.

Boris Gaertner developed a script to remove Morphic in a 3.4-3.7 image, see http://bgaertner.gmxhome.de/Shrink36.html; He includes interesting general notes.

Juan Vuletich has worked out a reduced 3.7 image with Morphic but with e-toys removed. It is here. Dan Ingalls thinks this is a good thing to do.

Here is another reduced 3.7 image. However the quality seems not to be overwhelming.

Edgar de Cleene has been working on a reduced image he calls SqueakLight.

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This page Smalltalk majorShrink (archive) contains archived material.