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Last updated at 12:25 am UTC on 13 September 2019

Question: [12-Sep-2019]. Is there a practical way I can see the Package owning a certain Category? [NMI ]

Question: [12-Sep-2019]. How often do you (re)start working with a clean image? [NMI ]

Question: How to use .sit files? Kris - NewSqueaker

Answer: .sit files are archives in the 'stuffit' format. There are utility programs for example 'AlladinExpander' for MSWindows to unpack these files.

Question: Is it possible to install Squeak automatically, without the manual process of compilation and installation quite impossible for a unexperienced programmer like me? Using Mac OS X, each software is usually installed by a package simple to install, automatic or with few step by steps? Michel - future new Squeaker

Answer: I'm not sure where you got that information, but from what I understand (I'm a newbie Squeaker too), it should be a simple process. You should be able to download the sit file here:


Just decompress that, and you should be good to go!

Question: What ever happened to the Squeak Documentation Project, is it just me or is there a feeling of holding off on everything till Croquet takes shape, is there a well-frequented irc channel for Squeakers, and is there a better place for me to be asking these goofy questions?