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Building the VM
Last updated at 5:19 pm UTC on 4 May 2020
Squeak VM is written in Squeak Smalltalk and consists of two main parts:
The former part is available in VMMaker package in a Monticello repository at http://source.squeak.org/VMMaker. The core VM is written in a subset of Smalltalk known as Slang. The VMMaker package contains a Slang to C code generator that emits C source code. This code is then supplemented by platforms support code to build the platform-specific VM app.

The composite sources are maintained in two main repositories:
  1. The current version is maintained in opensmalltalk-vm github repository
  2. The trunk version (upto roughly V3) is maintained in a SVN repository.
The current version is supported on the following platforms:
Each platform version may be built with variant features:
Here are some of the common variants of Squeak VM
Pre-built binaries for currently supported platforms are available

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