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Last updated at 1:27 pm UTC on 8 June 2019
A workhorse for displaying and editing text in Morphic [1]. It wraps a TextMorph. It does quite a bit more than a basic TextMorph... it supports scrolling, and text menu operations, etc.

It was originally created to be the Morphic equivalent of the PluggableTextView class from MVC.
A Workspace window in Morphic will contain a PluggableTextMorph, while a Workspace window in MVC will contain a PluggableTextView. They both use Workspace as a Model.

Object hierarchy: (Squeak 5.2)
 MorphicModel #(''model'' ''slotName'' ''open'')
        ScrollPane #(''scrollBar'' ''scroller'' ''retractableScrollBar'' ''scrollBarOnLeft'' ''getMenuSelector'' ''getMenuTitleSelector'' ''hasFocus'' ''hScrollBar'' 
                     ''hScrollBarPolicy'' ''vScrollBarPolicy'' ''scrollBarThickness'')
            PluggableTextMorph #(''textMorph'' ''getTextSelector'' ''setTextSelector'' ''getSelectionSelector'' ''hasUnacceptedEdits'' ''askBeforeDiscardingEdits''
                                  ''selectionInterval'' ''hasEditingConflicts'' ''editTextSelector'' ''wantsWrapBorder'')

PluggableTextMorph questions

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See also PluggableTextMorphPlus

[1] Editing does not work in Squeak 3.10.2 but for example in Squeak 5.2