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Last updated at 5:59 am UTC on 28 October 2017
A workhorse for displaying and editing text in Morphic. It wraps a TextMorph. It does quite a bit more than a basic TextMorph... it supports scrolling, and text menu operations, etc. It is used by the ToolBuilder.

It was originally created to be the Morphic equivalent of the PluggableTextView class from MVC.
A Workspace window in Morphic will contain a PluggableTextMorph, while a Workspace window in MVC will contain a PluggableTextView. They both use Workspace as a Model.

Object hierarchy: (Squeak 6.0a)
 MorphicModel #('model' 'slotName' 'open')
    ScrollPane #('scrollBar' 'scroller' 'retractableScrollBar' 'scrollBarOnLeft' 'getMenuSelector' 'getMenuTitleSelector' 'hasFocus' 
                 'hScrollBar' 'hScrollBarPolicy' 'vScrollBarPolicy' 'scrollBarThickness')
        PluggableTextMorph #('textMorph' 'getTextSelector' 'setTextSelector' 'getSelectionSelector' 'hasUnacceptedEdits' 
                             'askBeforeDiscardingEdits' 'selectionInterval' 'hasEditingConflicts' 'editTextSelector' 'wantsWrapBorder')

PluggableTextMorph questions

See also: How to use TextMorph with multiple fonts