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Last updated at 11:02 pm UTC on 22 February 2017
A workhorse for displaying and editing text in Morphic. It wraps a TextMorph. It does quite a bit more than a basic TextMorph... it supports scrolling, and text menu operations, etc.

It was originally created to be the Morphic equivalent of the PluggableTextView class from MVC. (For example, a Workspace window in Morphic will contain a PluggableTextMorph, while a Workspace window in MVC will contain a PluggableTextView, even though they both use Workspace as a Model.)

Object hierarchy: (Squeak 3.3a-4664)
Object #()
  Morph # 'bounds' 'owner' 'submorphs' 'fullBounds' 'color' 'extension')
    BorderedMorph #('borderWidth' 'borderColor')
      MorphicModel #('model' 'slotName' 'open')
         ComponentLikeModel #('pinSpecs')
           ScrollPane # ('scrollBar' 'scroller' 'retractableScrollBar' 'scrollBarOnLeft'
                       'getMenuSelector' 'getMenuTitleSelector' 'scrollBarHidden' 'hasFocus')
PluggableTextMorph #('textMorph' 'getTextSelector' 'setTextSelector' 'getSelectionSelector' 'hasUnacceptedEdits' 'askBeforeDiscardingEdits' 'selectionInterval' 'hasEditingConflicts') AcceptableCleanTextMorph #() AliceTextOutputWindow #() MethodMorph #() PluggableTextMorphWithModel #('myContents') TextComponent #()
FunctionComponent #('inputSelectors' 'functionSelector' 'outputSelector' 'outputValue') PrintComponent #() WebPageMorph #('getBgSelector' 'asColor' 'image')

PluggableTextMorph questions

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