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Last updated at 9:23 am UTC on 28 September 2017
now TextEditor

51Deprecated-Morphic-Text Support

A instance of the class TextMorphEditor is created for a paragraph in a TextMorph when it has the focus. When another paragraph gets the focus the old editor is released and a new one is created while keeping certain attributes. When the TextMorph instance looses the focus the TextMorphEditor instance is released. (see methods TextMorph>hasFocus and TextMorph>keyboardFocusChange:).

The term 'editor' here may be misleading in a sense when considering these frequent creations and releases. In general a TextMorphEditor object is a helper object to keep track of an editing state and doing certain editing functions. In this sense it is an editor although one normally thinks of something more static.

The TextMorphEditor is a subclass of FAQ: Keyboard shortcuts and bindings and that is the place where the important things for editing are defined.

Class hierarchy

FAQ: Keyboard shortcuts and bindings