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Module paths
Last updated at 4:14 am UTC on 3 May 2002
+ creating and accessing modules in code.

A Module path is a literal array of symbols. For example
    #(Squeak Media Balloon)
To access a module object you use
    Module @ path
which is short for
    Module fromPath: path
which is a variant of
    Module fromPath: path forceCreate: boolean
The short forms don't create a new module, but if you put true in the last one you create the new module.
    Module @ #(Squeak VMConstruction)

    Module fromPath: #(Temporary MyNewModule) forceCreate: true

You can also send uppercase messages to a module to access its submodules. So if moduleA has a submodule named ModuleB:
    moduleA ModuleB
This will return the submodule. Ie. the message is the exact name of the submodule.