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A guide to modularizing the image
Last updated at 4:43 pm UTC on 16 January 2006


The goal of modularizing the image is to turn it into separable modules that can be unloaded and loaded easily, so that an image can contain what it needs to have and nothing else.

Example: Unloading properly separable modules

Two major modules are already unloadable in this way, VMConstruction and Balloon3D/Alice/Wonderlands. Unloading these will illustrate the basic principles behind refactoring.

See Unloading modules for how to do this.

Detecting dependencies that need to be refactored

For image decomposition, the analysis tools are in Module, categories "code analysis" and "system conversion". The most important ones are listed in the ModuleExplorer code pane.

Then look at the ModuleRefactorer class and the FromVersion... classes to see how to code a class that will refactor the system.

For further details on refactoring and analysis, see How to modularize a piece of the base image