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Last updated at 8:27 pm UTC on 31 May 2018
MuSwiki (1999) is a simple system to allow collaborating with morphs – sort of a Morphic Swiki.

Use https://www.lexspoon.org/muswiki/. The following overview is taken from there.


A MuSwiki is a Swiki-like system which uses Morphic objects instead of HTML. The main MuSwiki page is:

http://home.cc.gatech.edu/csl/14 Contextualized support for learning

The key features of a MuSwiki are:

This work results from a collaboration between Mark Guzdial and Lex Spoon.

There is a reference to
http://sll.stanford.edu/CSCL99/papers/wednesday/Lex_Spoon_590.pdf (no longer available)
It contains
A pilot study which with the title 'CSCL '99: MuSwikis: A Graphical Collaboration System'

Wayback machine link



SuperSwiki has the same goals, and is more featureful, but MuSwiki might be interesting nonetheless. In particular, it's networking backend has some features that SuperSwiki does not.