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Last updated at 7:31 pm UTC on 28 May 2019
A StackMorph is a subclass of BookMorph.

From the class comment:

A StackMorph that is very much like a HyperCard stack.

Each book page (from the BookMorph class) represents a different background. The page stays while different cards are projected onto it.

The data for a single card is stored in a CardPlayer. There is a list of objects that only appear on this card (privateMorphs) and the card-specific text to be inserted into the background fields.

Since change set number 4625 the StackMorph contains a method for adding cards by reading a tab delimited text data file.

How it is stored

a background
a page of the StackMorph

a card
data is in an instance of a subclass of CardPlayer.
A list of CardPlayers is in the 'cards' inst var of the StackMorph.

a background field
a TextMorph on a page of the StackMorph

a background picture
a morph of any kind on a page of the StackMorph

script for bkgnd button
method in Player. Button is its costume.

text in a background field
value of inst var 'field1' in a CardPlayer.
(The CardPlayer is also pointed at by the #cardInstance
property of the bkgnd field (TextMorph))

text in a card field
in the TextMorph in privateMorphs in the CardPlayer.

picture on a card
a morph of any kind in privateMorphs in the CardPlayer.

script for card button
method in the CardPlayer. Button is its costume.