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Last updated at 8:07 am UTC on 18 August 2019
Use the text below as a start for the StringMorph class comment

StringMorph is a subclass of Morph. It has the instance variables:

It further has 20 subclasses (Squeak 3.3a and still in Squeak 6.0a).

How to construct a StringMorphs with a particular font

See StringMorph examples - Bitmap DejaVu Sans 9, 18, 36

Edit content of StringMorph

If you shift-click on a StringMorph you can edit it's string.

This is accomplished the following way:

class StringMorph overrides the message #mouseDown: and then tests

(evt shiftPressed and: [self wantsKeyboardFocusOnShiftClick]) and if it is true it launches a StringMorphEditor.

StringMorph as a button

A StringMorph may as well be used like a SimpleButtonMorph to do an action when clicked.
Use the menu 'extras' / 'add mouseUpAction'.

The following propery will be defined:
 aStringMorph valueOfProperty: #mouseUpCodeToRun

see Morph mouse up action (Smalltalk expression)

StringMorph and SimpleButtonMorph example -- another counter

You can add custom menu entries to any Morph, see Morph menus.