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Discovering Squeak
Last updated at 6:32 pm UTC on 12 October 2006
This project is defunct. srsr

Started 23 February 2002 by Michael Maloney.

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This project has grown out my frustration in trying to learn to Squeak.
It is an example of the open source concept that work on a large collaborative project often happens when an individual "scratches his itch".

My plan is to use links to existing swiki pages where appropriate and to write new pages where needed. If an existing page is not
locked I plan on providing a link at the bottom of the page that will enable the swiki to read like a book.
If a page is locked, I will treat it as a sidebar and will tell you to hit the back button on your browser to continue.

[26 Feb 2002] I'm reconsidering this approach. Most new pages I write will probably link to other pages with the intent that the reader will use the "back" button to return to same place in the text since the swiki links go to the top of the linked page.

Speaking of browsers, I am writing this with the idea that it will be read using Scamper. The reason for this is that Scamper is a code pane. Any statement that is evaluated in Scamper will execute on the local machine. No need to cut and paste text into a workspace to try out examples. (If this paragraph didn't make sense, hang in there, it soon will.)

If you don't already have Squeak running on your system go to the Downloading Squeak page for instructions on how to get Squeak for your system.

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