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Blue Book - Part Three
Last updated at 4:48 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Table of contents

21 Probability Distributions
Probability Distribution Framework
Discrete Probability Distributions
Continuous Probability Distributions

22 Event-Driven Simulations
A Framework for Simulation
Implementation of the Simulation Classes

23 Statistics Gathering in Event-Driven Simulations
Duration Statistics
Throughput Histograms
Tallying Events
Events Monitoring

24 The Use of Resources in Event-Driven Simulations
Implementing ResourceProvider and StaticResource
Consumable Resources
Nonconsumable Resources
Renewable Resources

25 Coordinated Resources for Event-Driven Simulations
The Implementation of Class ResourceCoordinator
Example: A Car Wash Simulation
Example: A Ferry Service for a Special Truck
Example: A Bank
Example: An Information System