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Last updated at 10:33 pm UTC on 24 February 2003
AtomMorph is a subclass of EllipseMorph.

It has the additional instance variable velocity modeled by a Point.


 a := AtomMorph new openInWorld. 
 a color: Color random.
 [1000 timesRepeat: 
 [a bounceIn: World bounds. 
  (Delay forMilliseconds: 50) wait]. 
 a delete] 
A simulation BouncingAtomsMorph is a container for many AtomMorphs and this container sends the message #bounceIn: to every AtomMorph object it contains.

 BouncingAtomsMorph  new openInWorld

The BouncingAtomsMorph object is sent the message #step by the World object. (? to check)

The BouncingAtomsMorph serves as a simulation of an ideal gas.

Bring up its halo and you see that it as well serves to simulate an infection spreading (menu entry: 'start infection').

see also StarSqueak