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TableLayoutExample with 100 squares
Last updated at 3:49 pm UTC on 19 March 2018
 | container |

 container := Morph new.
 container width: 500.
 container height: 500.

 container layoutPolicy: TableLayout new.
 container listDirection: #leftToRight.
 container wrapCentering: #topLeft.
 container wrapDirection: #topToBottom.

 1 to: 100 do:  [:i |  cell := Morph new. 
                   cell height: 50. 
                   cell color: Color white. 
                   cell width: 50. 
                   cell borderWidth: 1.
                   cell addMorph: (StringMorph contents: i printString).
                   container addMorphBack: cell

 container openInWorld.


Version 2: TableLayoutExample with 100 squares - v2

See also 100 calculi

The code may serve as a starting point to create exercises with the Montessori 100 board.

Note if you do that you need to create a morph with a larger extension so that if you export it as a PNG file the resolution is sufficient. (for printing)