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Refactoring the Swiki
Last updated at 10:25 pm UTC on 26 January 2020
Refactoring is a term normally used in the context of programming, but it makes some sense in the context of editing wiki pages as well. You can refactor by:

Refactoring the swiki is an important part of maintaining a healthy, understandable swiki. Don't be afraid to help out! (Of course, if you're planning on doing something like a major refactoring of pages linked from the "top" page, it might be good to notify the Squeak Mailing Lists first.) –Doug Way

Swiki refactoring is also a good way for those of us new to Squeak to learn more about the language. Click on "Help" at the top-right of a Swiki page, and read through it to see how easy it is to edit/modify these pages. Swiki editing is easy and every small and not-so-small useful edit or refactor will help everyone who uses the swiki. Browse on all examples

These sets of similar pages need to be merged and refactored especially badly.

Squeak Tutorials

External Resources

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Squeak FAQs

Squeak User Interface


Projects and Packages

Way old, obsolete, and outdated pages

Squeak License

I have started stepping through all the pages on the Swiki, and dusting, tagging, and unlocking them. I am starting with the easy pagesMatthew Fulmer