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Last updated at 3:24 pm UTC on 9 March 2019
FileStream is a subclass of ReadWriteStream

 FileStream subclasses 

 FileStream allSubclasses  
 an OrderedCollection(StandardFileStream CrLfFileStream MultiByteFileStream HtmlFileStream)


 FileStream stdout nextPutAll: 'Hello, World'; cr; flush.

 FileStream stderr nextPutAll: 'Error in Hello, World'; cr; flush.

Note that FileStream stdout returns a MultiByteFileStream object.


How to write a file

FileStream printHierarchy '

					ReadWriteStream #()
						FileStream #(''rwmode'')
							StandardFileStream #(''name'' ''fileID'' ''buffer1'' ''lastWritten'')
								AttachableFileStream #(''autoClose'')
									AsyncFileReadStream #(''eventHandler'')
										BufferedAsyncFileReadStream #(''nonBlockingMode'' ''readBuffer'' ''readSyncSemaphore'' ''dataAvailableSemaphore'')
								CrLfFileStream #(''lineEndConvention'')
									HtmlFileStream #(''prevPreamble'')
								MultiByteFileStream #(''converter'' ''lineEndConvention'' ''wantsLineEndConversion'')'