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Last updated at 8:03 pm UTC on 1 April 2017
subclass of SimpleHaloMorph

HaloMorph provides a Halo of handles for its target morph. Dragging, duplicating, rotating, and resizing to be done by mousing down on the appropriate handle. There are also handles for help and for a menu of infrequently used operations.

To create you own custom halo selection and layout evaluate the following in a Workspace.

 Preferences editCustomHalos

Then edit the method to for example (a minimal solution)

 	"Intended for you to modify to suit your personal preference.  What is implemented in the default here is just a skeleton; in comment at the bottom of this method are some useful lines you may wish to paste in to the main body here, possibly modifying positions, colors, etc.."
 	^ #(
 	(addDismissHandle:		left			top				(red		muchLighter)			'Halo-Dismiss')
 	(addGrowHandle:		right		bottom			(yellow)						'Halo-Scale')
 	(addScaleHandle:		right		bottom			(lightOrange)					'Halo-Scale')
 	(addDupHandle:			right		top				(green)							'Halo-Dup')	
 	(addRecolorHandle:		left			bottom			(green muchLighter lighter)		'Halo-Recolor')

Choose "accept" and evaluate in the Workspace:

 Preferences installCustomHaloSpecs

To check which specs are installed do evaluate

 Preferences haloSpecifications

The above may be done as well through Preferences halos.

How to change the size of the halos