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ISU - How to connect to a server
Last updated at 5:00 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Client: To connect to the server evaluate:

To connect to an ISU server evaluate the following code in a Workspace.

RSTBroker startOnPort: 9999 logging: false. <font color="green">"Started the rST broker at port 9999 and without logging"</font>
isuSystem _ 'ISUSystem@IPOrHostNameOfTheServerMachine:PortOfTheServerMachine' asRemoteObjectID asLocalObject. <font color="green">"creates an remote reference to the object ISUSystem at IPOrHostNameOfTheServerMachine:PortOfTheServerMachine"</font>

(ISUSystemView onSystem: isuSystem) openInWorld. <font color="green">"Normal MVC code with a remote model"</font>