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Blaine Buxton
Last updated at 8:22 pm UTC on 7 January 2004
I'm an avid Squeaker and Smalltalker. I currently live in Connecticut, but will be moving shortly to Nebreska. My current project having a Smalltalk application talk to a native Java program and have the Java program not know it's talking to a Smalltalk application. There's a lot involved and so far, I've been able to read in most java serialized streams, but not write them yet.

To have Java serialization to completely work, you must write a java byte code interpreter and this should be a fun task. I already have the class file reader working. It would be great to have a Squeak application to talk to an EJB server or better yet mimic an EJB container.

I just put my Java Serialization Framework up on SqueakMap. Check it out at: Java Serialization. I will be putting in tests and the newest version up soon. The newest version allows you to write. Lots of refactoring and you can also load class files in. But, as of right now, I put up the version that only reads in Java code. I'm hoping in October to have the next release out. If you have any comments, let me know!

I feel that integration with existing inferior technologies could bring Smalltalk and Squeak to a broader audience.

If you would like to email me, feel free btbuxton@acm.org

Also, I create music on the side and I have used a lot of Squeak stuff to create sounds (and VOICES mainly) Check out:
Alto Dorado
The songs: "Fire Next Door" and "Westport" have the Squeak Klatt speech synthesizer used in various places!

I also would love to start using more Smalltalk to come up with more sound processing...=) Music is another of my loves. Maybe the new implementation of Siren on VW will be a source of inspiration...=)

Feel free to check out my website: http://www.blainebuxton.com and my blog: http://www.blainebuxton.com/weblog/blogger.html.

I will be working on the Project SmallBlog - the Squeak Weblog Server. Should be a lot of fun!

Java for typing, Smalltalk for doing.
self isSqueaking ifTrue: [self wiggleAndSmile] ifFalse: [self thinkAboutSqueaking].
self become: brilliant