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Updating with no net access
Last updated at 2:56 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
If your Squeak machine is not connected to the internet, you may still want to get the latest Squeak Code updates. The update stream mechanism is basically a fileIn, so you can do it by hand.

1) Go into Squeak, type (EToySystem version) and printIt. Then open a ChangeSorter and note the highest number you see as the beginning of a changeSet name.

2) From a machine on the internet, download and save the file
(this was http://squeak.cs.uiuc.edu/Squeak2.0/updates/updates.list before)

3) Download all files that begin with a higher number than you noted by appending the file name to this directory http://update.squeakfoundation.org/external/updates/

4) Move all the files to your Squeak machine.

5) Look at 'updates.list' and find the section that begins with # followed by your version. It will be near the end of the list. For each file name that follows, view that file in a FileList and 'file into new change set'.

That's it.

What about providing a simple way of doing offline updates in the image? For example, I am connected to the internet but prefer to stay online for short times only (trying to minimize my phone bill). So It would be much nicer for me to download all the patches in one swoop, than go offline and load them into the image later.
I knew about the mechanism outlined above, but it's still a bit awkward to use... Hans-Martin Mosner

As of 11/99, there is a newer procedure which partly supersedes Ted's answer above, as described by Scott Wallace on the Squeak list:

An easy way to get your own local copies of the update files is to have the preference "updateSavesFile" set to true in a master image that you _do_ update from the server. Then each time you update from the server, a copy of each update file that is loaded is automatically placed on your disk. You can then send around these update files via diskette or email or whatever to those wishing to update offline.

To update images offline in a painless fashion, each offline user maintains all the update files in a folder named "updates" that resides in the same directory as his image.

Then all each offline user need do is evaluate the expression:

Utilities applyUpdatesFromDisk

...and all the new updates in that "updates" folder which are not yet present in his image will be automatically slurped in, in correct numerical order.

Note that this mechanism also provides an alternative way that you can selectively update an image for debugging purposes.

– Scott

An important addition to Scott's message above is this from Vanessa Freudenberg:

Hi all per-minute online time paying Squeakers,

I just discovered a nice method to fetch updates without updating the system which sometimes takes a while for recompiling. Just put the following statement into the "do..." menu:

Utilities readServerUpdatesSaveLocally: true updateImage: false

– Bert