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Last updated at 10:18 am UTC on 9 June 2020
The dynamic essay MorphLayoutArticle describes how layout works in Morphic.

Is is available on Bob's SuperSwiki, page 411 (off-line most of the time, file MorphLayoutArticle.019.pr) and a local copy of this file is here


(Check out the version on SqueakMap and update here which version it is for).

It loads fine in Squeak 3.2. To load it into Squeak 3.8.1 [1] use these instructions.

To see the scripts involved open choose 'world menu' / 'authoring tools...' / 'browse for scripts' or 'summary of scripts'

A simple table

Layout of a simple table (cellInset)


[1] Squeak 3.8.1 runs fine on modern OS and HW. Download here.