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FileDictionary: Tiny Squeak Database
Last updated at 10:17 pm UTC on 10 November 2023


Simple database structure for Squeak

FileDictionary ( http://guzdial.cc.gatech.edu/st/filedict.8May1231pm.cs ) is a super-simple database for Squeak.
Basically, you can use it like a Dictionary, except that you
The parts of the Dictionary protocol that FileDictionary understands:


FileDictionary actually uses two files. The data (values) will be stored in the filename provided when creating the FileDictionary. The index into the database will be stored in a file with the same name, adding on the suffix ".toc" (for Table Of Contents). The TOC file is what gets read at open and written at close.

Unfortunately the original sites at gatach.edu no longer exist and we only have this local 1998 copy of the code filedict.8May1231pm.cs