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Context Spreadsheet
Last updated at 10:09 am UTC on 23 October 2020


by Anthony Hannan

I have been working on a framework that allows users to interact directly with objects. It is also meant to replace traditional browsers and workspaces. It creates user contexts, analogous to method contexts, with variables, messages, and results that are wired together, yielding a free-form (non-tabular) spreadsheet. It is similar to Fabrik, except components are messages and variables instead of Fabrik objects, and thus compiling a user context results in a method not an object. This is similar to Etoys/Tiles, except user contexts have results interspersed, and are not just scripts separate from the objects they are acting on. If an object is animated, the wires pointing to it will move with it, although wires can be hidden. Messages can be expanded into editable contexts, and contexts can be collapsed into named methods.


See SpreadSheetTool