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Dynamic Categories
Last updated at 5:05 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
EXPERIMENTAL! - last version: 8/April/2002

Author: Diego Gomez Deck


Experimental implementation of "Dynamic Categories". The goal is to categorize methods on the fly based on some criteria, when the condition change the method is removed automaticaly from the category. Dynamic categories are inheritance of DynamicMethodCategory and implements #name and #includes:in:. The same idea is applicable to classes categories.

The actual implementation is very experimental, only to play with the idea. For a 'real' implementation several changes to Brower, ClassOrganizer, etc are necessary. Anyway this version is enought to play and 'feel' the idea. The performance is not so good, but usable.

Please tell me what do you think. If enought people like it, I'll make a 'real' implementation.

Implemented Categories

Unimplemented but planned

Trying it



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