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PenSqueak Platforms
Last updated at 5:07 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Some possible platforms for a pen-based Squeak include:

HardwareWebsiteOther info
Sharp Zaurushttp://www.myzaurus.comLinux-based, runs a GUI based on Embedded Qt
Compaq iPaqhttp://www.handhelds.org/Compaq/index.htmlfollow-on to Itsy
ProGear 1100 web tablethttp://www.mira2go.comRuns Linux or Windows.
Simputerhttp://www.simputer.org/Linux. Uses Assabet board from Intel. See also http://www.lart.tudelft.nl/
Vadem Clio/Sharp Tripadhttp://www.vadem.com/clioI don't think an updated version of this is made.
Qbe tablethttp://www.qbenet.com/Windows
Intermec tablethttp://corp.intermec.com/Windows
Digital Itsyhttp://www.research.digital.com/wrl/itsyCan't get one of these commercially.
VTech Heliohttp://www.myhelio.com/Linux ports at http://www.pocketlinux.com/ and http://vhl-tools.sourceforge.net/
Agenda VR3http://www.agendacomputing.com/It's dead, Jim
PalmOS deviceshttp://www.palm.com/PalmOS would be very hard to port Squeak to until PalmOS matures. Squeak will be likely more straightforward to port by PalmOS 6 in a few more years.

Other than this, you can run Squeak on almost any Windows CE device, provided there is enough memory. For doing any work with Squeak and Morphic, a PDA with at least 16 MB of memory would be advised, 32 MB or more preferrably. A WinCE PDA with 32 MB of shared RAM/storage can run the latest stock 3.4 image out of the box with no modifications.