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Squeak on WinCE
Last updated at 9:09 am UTC on 19 May 2007


Squeak can run on the following WinCE/PocketPC machines:

Yoshiki Ohshima has provided the following WinCE VMs, available from http://www.is.titech.ac.jp/~ohshima/squeak/WinCE/ :

Images for WinCE

Does Squeak work on Windows Mobile 5?

There is no 100% functional squeak virtual machine for actual Windows Mobile 5.
Fullscreen mode only, no support for VGA, no support for internal WM5 virtual keyboard, no support for "tap-and-hold"/right clicks... (from Newbies mailing list post)

Running Squeak on a HP Jornada 820 (and maybe the 720?)

The HP Jornada 820 is a laptop-style PDA with a 640x480 screen and a touch-type keyboard. You can pick these machines up very cheaply second-hand. Squeak runs on it... just. To get it going, do the following:

Useful Third Party Software