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What I use handheld Squeak for
Last updated at 11:25 pm UTC on 6 June 2007
I use it as a musical instrument, and as an impromptu development/demo machine.

Craig Latta

Mostly playing around, trying to develop something that is good enough to replace WinCE for me. However, I've wanted to trying running some of my ecology data visualizations on ye olde iPAQ just for kicks. :P

Aaron Reichow

Squeaking on the road, trying out ideas. Very powerful tool in a very small package! Exploring its potential to act as mobile information appliance.

Helge Horch

Now and then, we use it for our internal projects to mockup things from a kind of photo stand to future PDA.

Yoshiki Ohshima

Learning Squeak and Smalltalk, taking notes, and hacking Dynapad, hoping it'll become the best PDA environment available.

Tommy Thorn

I use my Jornada 820 for software development. I'm able to run a 3.8 image once Morphic has been stripped out and a couple of simple performance enhancements have been applied.

Michael van der Gulik