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Progress report and to-do list for modularizing the image
Last updated at 5:10 pm UTC on 16 January 2006

Progress made so far

Part Status Notes
VMConstruction Unloadable since 3.3a-4774 but not reloadable because of circular dependencies. Send defineClassExtensionsOutside: self to VMConstruction before unloading.
Balloon3D Unloadable since 3.3a-4774, reloading leaves some names Undeclared because of circular dpendencies Either Balloon3D or Alice or Wonderland can be unloaded. Send defineClassExtensionsOutside: self to the module before unloading.
StarSqueak Done but not in update stream.
Speech Done but not in update stream.
Movies Mostly done.

To do

Highest priorities

This is a list of possible priorities (highest first). Add a note of what you are working on to avoid duplication of effort.
Part Status Notes
EToy Enable EToy to be unloaded without crashing/breaking Morphic
Morphic Core vs. other Enable non-essential parts of Morphic to be unloaded. The Morphic core should potentially be very small.
Network Applications Scamper, Celeste etc. –each unloadable separately or all together, while leaving Network Core loaded
Network Core Allow also Network Core to be unloaded.
Balloon (2D)
Flash Separate Flash from Balloon and Morphic
All of Morphic


Various parts of Technology
Part Status Notes
Archives, Compression

Various parts of Development
Part Status Notes

Toward a Minimal Core (headless etc.).
Part Status Notes
All of Development