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Simulating the Interpreter
Last updated at 5:11 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
    April 2002

    It seems that the last system where this worked is 2.7 (January 2000). [Update January 2005... Dan Ingalls made some fixes to the simulator since I last wrote here; it's worth a try in recent releases. –crl]

    Here's a demo script:

    In 2.8, I got flack from the LargeIntegerPlugin; apparently external calls don't work under simulation yet. My run died in InterpreterSimulatorLSB(Interpreter)>>classNameOf:Is:, when Interpreter>>arrayValueOf: answered self, instead of the class name we were trying to confirm. And to get that far I had to fix InterpreterSimulator>>ioLoadExternalFunction:OfLength:FromModule:OfLength: (the block that populates functionString was trying to write to pluginString again). I moved on/back to 2.7 at that point. I assume that debugging the simulator is even hairier in post-2.8 releases. :)

    The last time I ran the simulator was in Summer 1999, when I was debugging a scanned-sound-synthesis plugin I wrote. It was very handy!


    Craig Latta