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Zurgle Screenshots
Last updated at 5:11 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
See Project Zurgle page for getting Zurgle into Squeak.

Pictures are JPEG compressed ; colors and resolution may be a little off

Presentor – Squeak Desktop Application 5-12-2K2

Includes MorphDock - Alternate SystemWindow collapse strategy

Uploaded Image: PresentorSS.JPG

Squeak Project Experiment – MorphDataMountain 5-12-2K2

2 1/2 D experimental project management
Uploaded Image: MorphDataMountain.JPG

Zurgle Enhanced Squeak desktop – Luna theme 5-12-2K2

Typical Zurgle Desktop with stretched background applied

Uploaded Image: ZurgDesktop.JPG

Zurgle Appearance Property Dialog – Luna Theme 5-12-2K2

Flaps control of the Zurgle desktop environment

Uploaded Image: PropPanel.JPG

Zurgle Scaled and Tiled Edges – Borg Theme 6-11-2K2

The same inspector, except that the left one uses scaled window borders, while the right one uses tiled borders. On a bigger window, the stretching of the scaled edges becomes even more apparent.

Uploaded Image: zurgle-scaled.pngUploaded Image: zurgle-tiled.png