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David Brown
Last updated at 5:14 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
I've been Smalltalking since 1985 when a good friend handed me the Blue Book. I read it from cover to cover, and when it all clicked, I was hooked.

My last paying Smalltalk gig was at Expeditors International, where I implemented an EDI scripting environment with Visual Smalltalk Enterprise.

Currently I'm working for Washinton Mutual (yet another large Smalltalk shop, but I"m not there to do Smalltalk, alas) as a technical lead/architect.

I've been watching the development of Squeak with excitement. I'd been playing with Python and other languages, and kept thinking "This is almost as good as Smalltalk. These tools are almost as good as the Smalltalk IDE." I've finally come back to my senses and realized that if it's Smalltalk I want, it's Smalltalk I should use, and IMHO, Squeak is the most exciting thing out there right now.

I currently live in Seattle, Washington, USA.