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SRE Execution Tracer
Last updated at 2:38 pm UTC on 3 November 2018

Execution tracer

The execution tracer is an instance method implemented at the Object level.

To avoid getting to much tracing information it is used in combination with:

 self doOnlyOnce: aBlock

Thus to restart the exercise you need to reactivate the 'doOnlyOnce:' again.

This is done with
 Smalltalk at: #OneShotArmed put: true

Note that 'RM' stands for 'Role Modeling'.

Example of tracing calls

Change the method
 Preferences class>>allPreferences

       self doOnlyOnce: [self traceRM: self levels: 10].
	^preferencesDictionary values

Open a Transcript window.

Execute in a workspace
 Smalltalk at: #OneShotArmed put: true

In a workspace do

 Project current identityHash
This gives you a SmallInteger whose value is related to the identity of the project object, for example 2360597

In a workspace do

 (Project named: 'Test') enter

Replace 'Test' with an actual project name you have in your image.

Choose 'go back' (to previous project).

In the Transcript window you observe the following output

 1  [3892] : Preferences class >> allPreferences {Preferences}
 2  [3892] : Preferences class >> doOnlyOnce:
 3  [3892] : Preferences class >> allPreferences
 4  [2360597] : MorphicProject >> saveProjectPreferences
 5  [2360597] : MorphicProject >> saveState
 6  [236812] : MorphicProject >> enter:revert:saveForRevert:
 7  [236812] : MorphicProject >> enter
 8  [1] : UndefinedObject >> DoIt
 9  [3532087] : Compiler >> evaluateCue:ifFail:
 10  [3532087] : Compiler >> evaluateCue:ifFail:logged:

You observe that for the old project (the one we asked for the object pointer id) the methods
are called and that all preferences are considered.

Another example

ExternalDropHandler class>chooseServiceFrom: aCollection

 chooseServiceFrom: aCollection
	"private - choose a service from aCollection asking the user if  needed"
	self doOnlyOnce: [self traceRM: self levels: 10].

Again do
 Smalltalk at: #OneShotArmed put: true

Then drop a picture file onto the desktop.