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Teapot micro web framework
Last updated at 10:50 pm UTC on 23 October 2017
Teapot is micro web framework on top of the Zinc HTTP components for Pharo, that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. It's around 600 lines of code, not counting the tests.


Example code in 4 slides


Attila Magyar with Johan Fabry

We begin the book in this first chapter by showing how basic web
applications can be written using just a few lines of code. In the
second chapter we will treat the construction of web applications more
in depth, also touching on the fundamentals of web application
building. But we start by keeping it simple, which is possible thanks
to Teapot.

Teapot is a micro web framework on top of the Zinc HTTP web server
described in Chapter Zinc Server. It focuses on simplicity and ease of
use and is itself small: around 600 lines of code, not counting unit
tests. Teapot is developed by Attila Magyar and this chapter is
heavily inspired from the original documentation.


The beauty is that in Pharo, now you can change anything, the appName / the response data / any or all of the URL paths et al in the methods of the new subclass.