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Last updated at 12:01 am UTC on 17 January 2006
(Under Construction to advocate and promote modular Squeak.)

What is SmallSqueak

SmallSqueak is just that, a small Squeak.

How small is small ?

On the VM side (SqM, the SmallSqueak MobVM), for Windows, the executable SqM.exe is about 10KB and almost fully compatible with the mainstream VM. The goal is 100% compatibility.

The size of the image totally dependends on the Squeak modularizing efforts. The goal for this image is one around 0KB ;-) in size and fully compatible with mainstream Squeak image. Actually, it will be a just-in-time virtual image (JITVI).

Make no mistakes though.

SmallSqueak is potentially the largest, most capable system to give an answer for The Last Question.

SmallSqueak would be spanning the whole universe where there are ports of MobVM to computers of all shapes and sizes that Molecular Nano Technology has to offer (in another 3 decades ;-).

Got an appetite ? SmallSqueak.

(Be warned though, currently there are just nuts and bolts at a very low level of the plugins and VM. You won't see Smalltalk, just plain C and the dry stuff, not even Slang yet.)

SmallSqueak Acknowledgements