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Frank Shearar
Last updated at 9:54 pm UTC on 24 June 2011
A brand new Squeaker.

Currently he's working on implementing various techniques in Smalltalk that most regard as "only for pure functional programming languages" - partial continuations, zippers, monads and other such fun things. Also tricks from logic programming like unification.

As of 2004/03/02 he became a co-maintainer of (obsolete) BFAV with Tom Koenig.

Todo list:


BFAV notes from Daniel Vainsencher:

2. Hard to find things in the BFAV - I think you're absolutely right.
Some ideas (for anyone that wants to improve the process), in order of
increasing madness:
- Make the BFAV order the posts according to simple criteria: dont show
topics I'm last poster on, show at top subjects I posted on at some
point, and am not last poster on...
- Use the Bayesian text classifier in Celeste to order the rest of the
posts in order of "likely to be interesting to specific user".
- Do something server side that annotates/autocloses fixes that are now
identical to the code in the image (because another fix got there first,
for example).
- Use BWT algorithm to detect code duplication between different
proposed patches and notify authors so they can merge/review/complete
one anothers posts, preventing some of the duplication, and turning it
into mutual aid.
- Use some sort of classifier (Bayes, SVM...) to detect patches that
are "unlikely to be approved", and notify the author. If people start to
classify why they don't want to approve a patch ("dont see what it
fixes", "don't understand the code", "not documented enough, what the
heck is it"...) then patch authors could even get a predicted cause for
failure in some cases.Category Home Page>http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CategoryHomePage