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The MobVM
Last updated at 5:17 pm UTC on 10 August 2004
This page contains outdated material.

How can a 10KB SqM.exe is almost fully compatible with a mega Squeak.exe nearly 1MB now ? The key word is 'plugins'.

Everything in the SmallSqueak MobVM is a plugin.
SqM.exe itself is structured just like any other plugin.

The SmallSqueak MobVM is distributed with 3 files: SqM.exe, SqMOM.dll and install.ini.

SqMOM.dll is the 'mother' plugin. It's the meta-ObjectMemory, from there all other core plugins are installed.

All plugins for SmallSqueak MobVM can reside locally in the directory of SqM.exe or (preferably) the sub-directory SqMOM. Each plugin is considered a metaObject of SmallSqueak.

If the plugins are not available locally, they will be installed from the internet via http/ftp into the sub-directory SqMOM.

The file install.ini specify the available repositories for 'SqM.ini' which in turn specifies the available repositories for all plugins.

Plugins from prefered repositories are grouped into profiles. One of these profiles is designated as default.