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Balloon3D - a tutorial
Last updated at 12:04 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Balloon3D is a package to create three-dimensional graphics that was written by Andreas Raab. It uses either a stand-alone implementation or OpenGL. Up to Squeak 3.5, it was integrated into the base image, for Squeak 3.6 you have to load it from SqueakMap.

This archive file contains a short explanation of Balloon3D. It shows how to program the creation of 3D graphics.

To get it, download this archive: B3DDemo.zip (file size: 41 K)

The archive contains a short hypertext - the tutorial itself - and three change sets. These files are not needed for the current version on SqueakMap, they are meant for earlier versions that were delivered with Squeak 3.2, Squeak 3.4 and Squeak 3.5. The change sets can be loaded in any order, but I recommend to load B3DFixes.2.cs first. When you have loaded the file B3DTutorial.31.cs, open a class hierarchy browser and go to category B3D-Tutorial-Demos. The classes that begin with 'B3DDemo' are the examples that are part of the tutorial. When you select the comment view (click the button '?' to do that), you see statements that you can execute one by one to see the examples.

A final word: Do not expect too much from this tutorial. I am not a teacher! The hypertext may give you some useful hints and the examples can be used as points to start, but that's all. Feel free to send me a mail (at squeak-dev or off list at my adress that is given in the tutorial) when you have questions, proposals to improve the tutorial and so on.

Enjoy Balloon3D !