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Last updated at 12:04 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Download: RemoteCommander v1.1.

I have posted this as a [GOODIE], but the definition for Goodies says:
'Goodies are usually short, no more than a few pages of code typically, and add or enhance only one or two specific items or capabilities.'

Since it is more than just a few pages of code, I've started with this page.

Design goal of the underlying communication stuff (this is the first app using it) has been to have a robust permanent connection between client and server. If the connection is lost

Differences to Nebraska:

"Change Set: RemoteCommander v1.1
Date: 14 September 2002
Author: Stephan Rudlof
Preconditions: Morphic, Squeak 3.2 (don't know what happens under 3.3)

This is a client/server application which allows to send ""Compiler evaluate: '...'"" commands to another Squeak.
You are just typing in Smalltalk code in a specialized RemoteCommandWorkspace running as client, which can then be evaluated remote at the server, together with sending back the result to the client (printIt, doIt, etc.).
This app may e.g. serve as a tool to control a Swiki from another host, since the server doesn't need much CPU time, while it's waiting for commands.

After filing in this changeset a window describing the next steps appears.

It has worked



1.1 :
1.0 :