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How to save a parts bin
Last updated at 5:04 am UTC on 25 June 2018
Question Raymond Asselin February 16, 2004: I would like to know how you proceed when you want to save a flap like Supplies (= a PartsBin). I tried different ways without success.

If I try to ‘save morph in file’, the process stops when it is trying to save HandMorph, and or, the world.....I want to reuse this flap which is my parts bin in an another image, and hope that I don’t have to save each morph in the flap by hand.

Check the debugger stack? Try to find out which morph is holding onto the World or the HandMorph
Check as well for older versions of Connectors which might have done this.

To fix the problem change #prepareToBeSaved to clear out any references to the Hand or the World.