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Last updated at 12:15 pm UTC on 5 January 2019
RBProgramNodeVisitor is an abstract visitor for the RBProgramNodes.


 tree := RBParser parseExpression: '3 + 4'.
 RBProgramNodeVisitor new visitNode: tree

http://marcusdenker.de/talks/06HPI/Meta06_07_Refactoring.pdf Slide 22

Extended version of the example

RBProgramNodeVisitor printHierarchy '
ProtoObject #()
	Object #()

		RBProgramNodeVisitor #()
			RBConfigurableFormatter #(''codeStream'' ''indent'' ''lookaheadCode'' ''originalSource'' ''lineStart'')
			RBFormatter #(''codeStream'' ''lineStart'' ''firstLineLength'' ''tabs'')
			RBParseTreeSearcher #(''searches'' ''answer'' ''argumentSearches'' ''context'' ''messages'')
				RBParseTreeRewriter #(''tree'')
			RBReadBeforeWrittenTester #(''read'' ''checkNewTemps'' ''scopeStack'')
			RBSemanticAnnotator #(''scope'')'