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Last updated at 4:43 am UTC on 24 September 2002
PluginProxy was 'invented' in the process of freeing up the Stuckins. Actually the operation was starting with an 'Embrace and Extend' the interpreterProxy.

The page 2736 - recycleMe was extended to add more entries so that some of page 2781 - recycleMe could be liberated. It turn out that these are the page 2782 - recycleMe. These are the ones that need extra services from the VM and the current 'interpreterProxy' does not provide these services.

There are still some more that could not get the passport to the FreeWorld. They are the page 2783 - recycleMe. Not only that these plugins need extra service from the VM, but the VM also needs the services from these plugins.

The reasoning was that, the interpreterProxy was created to provide services to the plugins, so it is only natural for the plugins to return some services to the VM through, what else, PluginProxy.

The PluginProxy was then 'invented' just to free these poor souls from being eternally internalized.

Then the rest is history (get into the history if you are interested in the steps of the evolution. ;-)