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Morphic UI process
Last updated at 5:44 pm UTC on 1 May 2019
Each MorphicProject object has a user interface process running it.

The code executed in the process is a loop

 [world doOneCycle.  Processor yield ] repeat.

The process is created when the project is entered. There is a call #spawnNewProcess which creates a new UI process for the project to be entered.


	uiProcess := [
		[world doOneCycle.  Processor yield ] repeat.
	] newProcess priority: Processor userSchedulingPriority.
 uiProcess resume

The process is terminated (= set to nil ) when the project is left

	"There is only one UI process. Kill it."
	self assert: Processor activeProcess == uiProcess.
	uiProcess := nil.
	Processor terminateActive.

See also

Use case: 'New MorphicProject'