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Workspace shared variables - Answer to exercise
Last updated at 5:40 pm UTC on 17 September 2019
There are different solutions, let's see first Morphic way, based on clicking object, then then the Workspace way, based on typing and evaluating code in the Workspace.

Solution 1. Morphic based




Solution 2. Through a script

The issue is about identifying the Workspace object containing the variables in which we are interested. For this to work the workspace needs a label as there might be other workspaces on the desktop.

Assuming the label (title) you gave to the workspace is 'myWorkspace' then the following script gives you the bindinges.

 windows := Project current world submorphs select:  [:sm | sm isKindOf: SystemWindow].
 (windows detect: [:m | m label beginsWith: 'myWorkspace']) model inspectBindings

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